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hCG Diet

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hCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, and is a hormone produced during pregnancy (though it is produced by women, during pregnancy, it is NOT a sex hormone, and will not affect men or women in such way) The hCG hormone greatly controls a woman’s metabolic functions during pregnancy. The first discovery reported on hCG for weight management was in 1954, and an official diet incorporating hCG
was first introduced in 1971.

The hCG diet works with injections given over a short course of time, and patients follow a strict 500 calorie diet. During this time, patients will experience an average weight loss of one to two pounds per day.  This weight loss is accomplished with no diminished energy, no hunger pangs, and no symptoms of diets that require extreme calorie reduction. hCG is safe and effective for men and women with ten pounds or more of body fat to lose.

How can a diet work this well?

While the dieter is only consuming 500 calories a day, the hypothalamus and pituitary are signaling the body to release stored fat. Because the body is burning stored fat, the dieter has thousands of calories of fat to burn, leaving the dieter not feeling hungry. Normally, it would be considered extremely unhealthy to lose one to two pounds every day, but with hCG the loss is healthy. The weight loss does not affect your lean muscle tissue, and does not deplete the body of essential vitamins and minerals that starvation diets do. With hCG, the weight comes off in the areas that it needs to come off.

Amazing Health Benefits of hCG

Besides helping the dieter physically look healthier, hCG offers great health benefits. Once hCG diet starts, the yo-yo dieting cycle can end. The yo-yo diet is worse for your metabolism in the long run, and can actually cause weight to be easier to gain and harder to lose, with hCG your body will not reach starvation mode, therefore will not interfere with metabolic function in the future. The weight loss comes from the problem areas such as your stomach and thighs. The goal is to reduce overall body fat percentage.

Dieters will find that with significant weight loss brought on by hCG they will see their blood sugar levels improve, a decrease in blood pressure, decrease in arthritic pain, improvements in good and bad cholesterol, and stabilization of thyroid hormones. You will feel healthier and you will be healthier.


hCG can help to reset your hypothalamus and pituitary and impact your metabolism for the better after your injections are complete. Dieters have found that they lose excess fat even after the injections are completed. With maintenance of healthy living, regaining the weight is uncommon. Patients will continue to lose large amounts of weight when the reset metabolism and their healthy lifestyle are incorporated. It is possible to lose 60-80 pounds of fat when necessary after the injections have been completed.

Keep in Mind

The hCG hormone injections are a prescription drug, that is only to be administered by a doctor. Over fifty years of research indicates that hCG use poses no risk, although hCG has not been approved by the FDA for weight loss, and in some cases the weight loss has not been as extreme. The treatment of hCG at Advanced Skin Solutions will incorporate personal consultation with Dr. Stallone, that includes close monitoring. We also offer food allergy testing and diet supplementation that can increase your success.

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