Common Questions

The following are answers to frequently asked questions to give a better understanding of how Naturopathic Medicine at Arizona Integrative Medical Center can help you.

1. How are Naturopathic Medical practices different than other Medical practices?

Naturopathic Medicine treats the cause of the disease using natural, non-invasive therapies. In contrast, conventional doctors generally, address and treat the symptoms of a disease, using pharmaceutical therapies and surgery.

2. How are Naturopathic and Conventional doctors similar?

Both are required to study biomedical science at 4 year accredited graduate medical school. Both diagnose, predict the course and prescribe treatment for the disease.

3. Is Naturopathic Medicine covered by Insurance?

Yes. Many insurance companies cover Naturopathic Medicine; however there are limitations to what therapies are covered. My practice supplies the proper billing codes needed by insurances and patients submit and are reimbursed according to the individual coverage.

4. Can Naturopathic doctors prescribed Prescription Medication?

Yes. In the State of Arizona, licensed Naturopathic Physicians have DEA numbers and prescribe prescription medication for patients.